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Anderson Equestrian is a full-service boarding, training, and competition Hunter/Jumper barn, providing all of the care, nutrition, and fitness planning our equine athletes need. Owner, Lindsay Anderson, is head trainer and rider — with her eyes and hands on the horses daily. Through Lindsay's enhanced awareness and focus for individual partnerships leads to a customized program of fitness, nutrition and work under saddle. She has a clear purpose in matching horse and rider: not over-mounting riders but choosing equine partners for growth over time. 

Anderson offers customized programs for all that is needed for happy and healthy horses and riders. We also provide barn services often found to be facility charges elsewhere.


  • Riding & Instruction: 

    • Two scheduled lessons a week and one hack (no make up lessons)

    • Professional rides as required and in owner’s absence

  • Design & Oversight of Horse Care:

    • Treadmill Exercise Program

    • Vitafloor Therapeutics Program

    • Coordinated veterinary & farrier care

    • Stable wrapping, blanketing, and grooming

    • Face, leg, and mane/tail trimming

    • Application of Magnet Blankets and Ice Boots as needed

    • Application of minor medications and supplemental remedies

    • Feed Program: Grass/Alfalfa fed 4 times per day

    • Laundry

  • Stall Care is not provided by the facility, Anderson Equestrian provides:

    • Supply and management of feeding, cleaning, watering, and bedding

    • Hay steamed with Haygain to remove allergens 

    • Grain fed 2 times a day with supplements (per horse, as needed)

    • Stall cleaning provided a minimum of 2 times per day


 Our daughter has been riding at Anderson Equestrian for almost 2 years. She has never been happier, never excelled so safely and quickly!! Amazing trainers, amazing facility, incredible program!!

Anderson Equestrian is certainly not a barn to be underestimated. If you’re looking for a group of close knit, caring, educated, passionate people it is the perfect place for you. It is not everyday you come across such a supportive group of people that TRULY care about the success of you and your equine partner.

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